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Biomechanical evaluation of tendon regeneration with adipose-derived stem cell.

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de Lima Santos A, Silva CGD, de Sá Barretto LS, Franciozi CEDS, Tamaoki MJS, de Almeida FG, Faloppa F.



The use of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ADSC) has been presented as a new alternative for tendon reconstruction. Have been admitted that ADSCs are related to better outcomes when used in tendon healing. This research was designed to apply the potential of ADSCs in tendon healing. Flexor digitorum superficialis tendon lesion was performed on both legs of eleven New Zealand rabbits and them, at the same time, treated as follows: Suture alone (Group III - Suture, n:10), suture associated with ADSC (Group IV - Suture + ADSC, n:10) or without suture (Group II - SHAN, n:2). At four weeks after the tendon surgery, the animal was euthanized, and the tendon evaluated (biomechanically and macroscopically). We used 5 additional New Zealand rabbits in the control group "Group I - Control, n:10". In the macroscopic evaluation, the group with ADSC presented a more homogeneous gross morphology compared with the group III. Biomechanical testing showed a lower ultimate tensile load, stiffness and a higher cross-sectional area in the group III and IV compared with the control group. The group with ADSC showed a greater ultimate tensile load, a larger cross-sectional area and bigger deformation at the ultimate tensile load when compared to the group without ADSC. In general terms, the use of ADSCs in tendon healing have biomechanical advantages compared to the non-use of ADSCs at 4 weeks after surgery.

DOI: 10.1002/jor.24182

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